My Breastfeeding Journey and Struggles

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Breastfeeding for me is the most natural way to feed your child, comfort them and most specially it is the cheapest! but I don’t mean that formula feeding is not good, again this is just my opinion and  I have also read that “Breastfeeding stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin in the mother’s body it is now well established that oxytocin, as well as stimulating uterine contractions and milk ejection, promotes the development of maternal behavior and also bonding between mother and offspring”. ( and it is true! whenever my little one feels uncomfortable, hurt , sick or sad the only way to pacify him is to nurse him. people call it (comfort feeding) and it is effective i feel like nursing is always actively saying that “mommy is here for you”, “it’s okay” and ” I love you ” so i believe it’s wonderful, and I also consider nursing as our bonding time, but people have different cases and situations to deal with and right now breastfeeding has become so controversial like it’s also a big deal on how you do it, but that is their right and everybody is entitled with their own opinion!

My breastfeeding journey has not been very easy, The first week of nursing my little one was painful beyond expectation, the excruciating pain from cracking nipples, letting down and engorgement is the real deal i have thoughts of giving up but i did not falter, i still continued my breastfeeding journey even if it’s challenging and luckily after  weeks of painful breast and nipples i got over it and nursing became a breeze.. Or so i thought, came his 3rd month and i have over supply, he does not want to nurse when he was not asleep maybe because he gets irritated by splashing milk and he also cant keep up with the overflowing milk, he cries, whines, yell and fight even with the sight of my boob, his weight gain slowed down, i got worried, cried a lot, l felt rejected, stressed out and sad (actually) this is one of the main reasons why my anxiety did broke out. Anyway, even with the worsening anxiety ( excessive worry ) i never gave up, i fought hard to continue breastfeeding my little one because i know and i believe this is the best for him, and now we are running 10 months breastfeeding and I am proud of my journey, I feel like my stubbornness and my not quitting attitude helped me continue nursing up to this time, and i will never stop nursing him as long as i capable to do so and of course if my little one still wants to.

So what i want you to know is.

  1. You are NOT a BAD mom if you do not breastfeed.
  2. Consider breastfeeding first before you try formula.
  3. Try your best before you say you cant do it.
  4. You can do it mommy!
  5. Enjoy your journey!


Twitchy Mommy ♥


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