The House Help Adventure

We are seriously in need of a baby sitter and a house help! we havent had one for the longest time! Its just really hard to juggle all the house works and taking care of a 10months old baby with just myself but its soooo hard to get a dependable one lately.

But first, let me tell you a little and really interesting stories from house helps ive had so far, first of is Ding, he works hard, he is funny and dependable, well for the first years of course, maybe its my fault why he became a spoiled house help,we treated him as a family and friend, specially myself, i trusted him as a friend but on his 3rd yr with us he just left with a lot of our valuables and a lot of debt from our neighbors, and the reason? He eloped with his boyfriend. 2nd is Bunay and her sister, we sent money to them so they will have the money to come here in manila since they are from the province but when they get here, all they do is ask for a permission to have a day off almost thrice a week and guess what? They just used us to get money so they can travel here in manila because again, they have a boyfriend waiting for them here! 3rd is Maria, i really dont want to accept her first because at the interview she keeps on talking and txtng on her phone but i really have no choice and guess what? Thats what she did the whole month! I am still the one cooking and cleaning and taking care of my son and all she did was txt and call and no thats not an over reaction! There was this one time, i am cooking and i told her that she can fry because i will nurse my baby and will continue after and she answered me with “ang utak mo ate ikaw na nagluluto ipapasa mo pa saakin” wow just wow! Sooo yeah so much for the bad part and lastly ate rose, oh my heaven! I think ive found the perfect one! I almost thought! But she talked to me and told me that she would only stay for a month since her original employer is out of work and have no budget to pay her so i still said yes because she is great! But but but but! Her original employer learned that i ate rose is working for me and afraid i will pirate ate rose and decided to not make her come to me even for a month and said that she will work things out on how to pay her whiiicchh made me sad. Hehe! Almost!

anyway, what do i do at home? I do everything besides washing clothes which is a looot of help!

Up to this date im still looking for a house help… Have you found yours? Let me know your story!


twitchy mommy ❤️


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