Twitchy Mommy Goes to Work!

Hi Mommies!! It’s been a while since the last time I updated my blog.

I’ve been busy this past couple of months, since I am now working. Yes! I am a working mom now! Well things are working out, and I’m fabulously getting by, hehe! But I got to say that it’s not easy, it’s not a breeze and most likely not a walk in the park, it’s challenging but that’s what gives life its spice right? The challenge!

Well, speaking of challenges, the main challenge I am having is the separation anxiety, every morning is a struggle to get out of the house without Little W noticing me walking out the door to avoid the crying and the please don’t go tantrums! And I must tell you, it is not easy! I hate seeing my child crying because he doesn’t want mummy to leave but we need to do this for us. I hope he *understands* soon. Lol so every its time to go home, I fly out of the office to get to him and the reward is? The never ending attention from him! He will never get away from this Mummy!

Secondly, the adjustment, you know I have been a stay at home mom for almost two years, dated back from my pregnancy up to Little W’s first year old birthday, so the transition was a bit hard but it is manageable. You know, the people… The Ms. Superiority Complex, the Mr. Attitudes and all those people I do not have the patience to be with,  hope that I would not go through that and stay at home to take care of your son personally but you can’t! because you need this job and you all need to survive, so you got to toughen up. Though, there are days that it is specially hard since Anxiety is having an episode and this people are trying to worsen it but girl you got to smile! Survive and repeat! for I know my Little W’s waiting for me at home and Daddy’s getting me from work.

After I get home, I still got things to do, cook dinner, take care of Little W and all and after all the chores is done it is now time to bond with my Little W and daddy, the story telling, play and cuddle time is the best part of this Mom’s day, after my child fell asleep, the feeling of happiness and pride that I survived this day is good! So now that Little W is asleep Me and Daddy will have our free time!! But not till I fall asleep after 15mins of watching our favorite Movies and series. Lol.

Well Mommies, the point of this post is me trying to share my experience and encourage you that it is alright, that is not easy to be working and to be a mom and wife at the same time but we can do it! And like I always say, you are not a bad mom! Working doesn’t make you a bad mom, you just really need to do things and help out, also there are a lot of people who are not even worth your time and making your life harder at work but you know what? They are not worth your time. If you can understand them then do, don’t drag it out longer, don’t make your world small, go out there and slay! You are a great mom!


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