Summoners War: A short review

Summoners War : A short review


Summoners War: Sky Arena, created by South Korean game developer, Com2Us, is a mobile turn-based strategy MMO. The game was announced and released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12, 2014 for iOS and Android devices. Summoners War has performed successfully with 50 million downloads worldwide.( Wikipedia)

Hi Mommies! Today I will talk about an app game Summoners War.

I Have been playing summoners war for a good two years. well okay there are times that i get fed up and delete it then download it again, because yes, i find it entertaining and challenging and so I introduced this game to my brother and my husband and now they are a better player than me and i mean it! they play SW like its their job.


My monsters ( I’m still a noob up to now )
Dungeon Fighting Scene ( Dragons )

Game play : The game is very addicting most specially if your in the start up part, you will have a lot of goals to reach, the excitement of summoning and having a natural 5 star summon, improving your characters so you can be able to enter the different dungeons since the higher the level of your characters and the better your summons and runes the higher level of dungeon you can summon. You can equip different runes to compliment each and every monster you can summon for you to get the best out of their abilities, there are a lot of summons you can get, the number of monsters are big so i commend the creators for their creativity in making different characters.

PVP : PVP or Arena is one of the most interesting or Highlights of the game, well if you have a good monster with great runes you can have a high ranking match with different players, you will start with 10 arena invitations and it will regenerate for a number of time and i am very excited now that you can do arena fighting LIVE. you can now fight other players monster real time. that is EXCITING!

Long term playing : I feel like the game lacks in things that long time players can get excited anymore, because of course when your playing for a long time you will also be able to achieve the goals to make your monsters strong, and there are few and limited events to enjoy, and sometimes none.

Improvements : I really hope that the creator will have an event of doubling or even give a higher chance of summon for a limited time as a special event or whatever it is to make other player catch up a little.

Verdict : 4/5

The game is really enjoyable and time consuming, I will recommend it to my friends who wants to play a game that can be a challenge to them and to those who wants to stay at home and loves to play video games, this is a good one, this game can also introduce you to other people since it has different chat channels and you can join guilds where you can have a group of people to socialize with.

Hope it helps you to find your worth while gaming app.


-Twitchy Mommy





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