Momxiety : Children’s Development

Firstly, I know this kind of worry is within all of us Mothers and that it is kind of unfair for our children but there are times that we can’t help but worry anyway, wonder what I am talking about? Well I am talking about the development of our children, I believe that comparing their development with other children is unfair to them but I honestly can’t help but to worry at times and I know you do too, right? most specially when we see other children doing things your child cannot do yet, we worry so much that our child may have special tendencies/delayed but at the back of our mind we know and we are sure that our love for our child will never change and we would still do our very best to provide for what they needs.

Every time I am experiencing this worry, it gets a bit hard because with or without anxiety it will make you worry so bad that you want to get a re-assurance from a professional so that you can just calm down right? And so I have asked some professionals to asses my child if ever I need to refer him to early intervention specialist but luckily they are just brushing me off saying that he is completely normal and I am just a big time worrier (sigh of relief) and thankfully people around me has been very supportive and re assured me that my child is okay because every child is different and developing on his own phase. Thank God!

So, did you experience something like this? Or I am just a crazy worrier? Heh!

Tell me about it!

-Twitchy mommy


2 thoughts on “Momxiety : Children’s Development

  1. When kids are small there is such a broad range of normal and so specialists are reluctant to diagnose till kids are older. However, kids do grow out of a lot of things (and behaviours or lack thereof). And yet, Mothers often have intuitive feelings that are correct about their child. I can’t say which category you fall into, perhaps only time will tell but I now that I deliberately started to avoid comparisons of my child with other kids as comparisons always made me worry and left me disappointed.
    The best thing for your child is to keep asking questions of experts, research any nagging doubts and treat him as you would any child. Children pick up on Mums worrying and the pressure of being a strong role model for my over sensitive kids forced me to relegate worrying to the sleepless nights. Remember also that you are the best advocate for your child. Writing down my worries in a diary/ journal helped me deal with Mumanxiety. And follow your gut feeling as it is often right. All the best


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